In person, Skype, FaceTime or Phone sessions available.  The medium is based on your level of comfortability.  


You know there's a block.  You may even have an idea of what it is.  How to get around it and how to elliminate it are what I'm here to help you do.  


WARNING:  I do not care about hurting your feelings in these sessions.  I come from the school of thought that a politically correct mentality is disintegrating our armour we use to deal with every day life.  I believe our societal beliefs are creating a bunch of weak lemmings who feel entitled to the blessings of hard work with little to no effort and therefore, when faced with an outcome that is less than we envisioned, we start to feel like failures.  


Your spouse, your employer, your employees, your friends, your children, your parents-these people not only deserve to hear your negative rantings, they frequently will only tell you what they think you need to hear in an effort to get you to shut up.  But they are left with this new, negative impression of you-they now see you as unable to control your emotions.  How are they going to see you as their rock, their boss, their hero if you are suffering and complaining all the time.  Save your reputation and hire a life coach.


I will show you how to change your thought processes so you can see the blessings in your life but I will not allow you to bullshit yourself.  Or me.  This can be emotionally draining at first, but you will learn that unloading verbally is the start of something great.

Life Coaching


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