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So I did all my prep this spring contest season myself. Training, food, supplements, cardio schedule etc.

I keep finding that I feel guilty if I say it that way as though I owe someone else props. I have had coaches, read books and articles written by others, listened to countless podcasts and still I somehow feel as though I owe all of THOSE people the credit for placing 3rd and 5th in my first two shows.


I am the storm. I have gone through so much in my life, but the real challenges started last September when my ex husband beat me and 2 of my children on my birthday morning. It continued, the struggle, for this entire time. I can do this on my own. I've proved it. I now have a wonderful man in my life who supports me but we have our own struggles as I am not helping to provide financially right now. We made a promise to God to be obedient in all things so that is what we are doing. This blog is going to be a daily glimpse into the EMOTIONAL parts of my life. I recognize that I do better in writing my feelings than actually verbally articulating them. is my passion. I want to be the motivator and encouragement for those who struggle with any area in life and I want to use total wellness to accomplish that. I believe that even if one is married, with children, maybe even taking care of parents, that it's imperative to have a high level of self-care in order to effectively care for those around you. My realization is that I find myself neglecting my emotional needs to be a people pleaser. I writhe at the idea that someone I care for thinks I'm being selfish or self-centered. Noticing that I have to force these thoughts out of my head to be a good mom, wife and friend has been difficult. I remind myself several times a day to place focus on my "Top 3 Priorities" before I allow myself to tangent off into squirrel town.

The "Top 3 Priorities" concept was actually given to me by my husband as a gentle but firm reminder that even though I'm not contributing financially, as long as I am doing three of the most important things to move forward with my day, I will be a blessing and an asset to him and our kids. It works. It helps keep my scattered mind focused so I'm not doing a little bit of 10 things all day long, only to end my day with nothing completed. (Can anyone relate)?

Today my top three are simple. 1. I'm bathing the baby right now, after I finish this blog post, I will shower and get into my training clothes for the day and set off to pick up the little princess, 2. go to the gym for a heavy leg day and some chest accessory work then to a hike with a girlfriend and her 2 kids at a family park. I will then head home to lay the littles down for a nap while I 3. clean both bathrooms and deep clean the cat's turd box. Then we will all go to the grocery store to pick up a couple items so the kids can help me use some leftovers to make a new family dinner. I have already done 2 loads of laundry and made our bed. As you can see, there are more than 3, but putting everything down in order makes it simple to stay focused on what I should be doing RIGHT NOW.

Have a productive day, Iron Junkies! email me your top 3 to

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