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FAITH-power for believers. (Not just for christians anymore)

For those of you unfamiliar with my beliefs, let me educate you. I was raised non-denomenational Christian and have studied other religions but have never stopped believing in God. ONE God. I would get into this further, but it will take all week to respond to the sure deluge of comments from well-meaning family members.

I attend Life Church in Meridian, ID, USA. My pastor is a man called Mark Boer and he is led by God and speaks truth with love; two traits I require in a man giving me advice and imparting knowledge. My children beg to go to church on days that aren't Sunday or Wednesday and I also serve happily at Life Church. I got baptized there March 12 after being saved for 31 years. I tell you this only to convey the level of soul-touching truths Mark is able to articulate. He gets it. The truth, not the religion. I love that. I've been searching for a church that has a leader who can accurately teach love without drowning it in religion for years.

Yesterday, Mark went into faith. The act of true faith and what it can and WILL do in our lives. As he spoke, I kept thinking of The Secret and Law of Attraction. This was just one more message where Mark showed me proof of my assumption that all things in life, good or bad, can be traced to any Holy book. I choose the Bible because I have it printed in English and it is the text my church and my family use to communicate historical truths to one another.

Faith is an ACT. Your reward comes after truly displaying faith. For instance, I can say I have faith that I will win the lottery with the ticket I purchased at my local gas station. But I won't win. Because my words are just words. We all say "will it into existence" but our lack of faith is proven with the absence of the desired outcome. To be a person of faith is frequently used to describe the religious. That, unfortunately, is how secular people hear and interpret the word faith. If we are to use this phrase accurately, we would not have to be told because the person's life would be a living example of what faithful belief and action will do in our lives. Did I lose you?

Even non-believers of Holy scripture can relate to this in the Law of Attraction. We meditate and visualize our desired outcome. We create vision boards with a depiction of all our desires that we see on a regular basis and these daily ACTIONS form our movements for our day which place us on a path to acquiring or creating these desires.

I guess what I'm saying is:

Just Do It.


Quit making excuses. Those constant negative affirmations that you can't or you didn't on time or in the way you intended or the circumstances aren't right blah-de-blah-bloopy-blah will only create exactly what you didn't want to begin with. Nothing. All your dreams others told you not to dream, your wishes you kept to yourself because you were afraid to wish them and your desires from the deepest corners of your heart will dissipate because of your lack of faith. Own your desires, KNOW you can and will possess them and chase them daily. Surround yourself with people who will encourage you. Find people to talk to who are experts in their field and never be the smartest person in the room. Eliminate those who will suck up your time and energy. Warning: These people are usually related to you and will not encourage your new path.

If you've been reading this feeling like I'm talking to you, are you now feeling nervous about the weeks to come, imagining the whispers and giggles from onlookers? Don't. You are going to succeed. Say yes to the meetings, classes, get-togethers and lessons that will come your way when you start inviting this energy of success into your life. Everything is going to go exactly as it should. It's not going to happen quickly. But guess what?

With your faith, it will happen.

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