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God speaks through His Word, not through devoted prayer.

I have always been the girl who sees herself wise beyond her years because of my love of God and my passion for reading and learning. Oh, the hours I would spend reading all things I could, from historical fiction to marine biology textbooks. I would spend days in my room or my tent if we were camping absorbed in a Nancy Drew or V.C. Andrews novel before playing school with my younger siblings and teaching them something about science or marine biology from my step-father's Time Life collection of encyclopedias. But never the word of God until my mother enrolled us in Lighthouse Christian Academy my 5th grade year when I was 9. I got my first bible and had my first love affair with the truth God spoke to me through these crazy stories.

In my devotion time now, I make sure to talk to God first, to allow Him into my heart so I can 'see' what it is He is trying to show me. [Matthew 13:13 reminds us that all who speak the language the Word is printed in can read the Word, but only those who seek the truth and the hidden wisdom [Matthew 7:7-8] can comprehend the true meaning behind the words.] He and I get into out-loud conversations at 4:30 a.m. sometimes when He reveals something that would have best served me years in my past. It is usually wisdom that would have resulted in me making a different choice that would have resulted in my life turning out 'better' or my children would have been protected from experiencing something they didn't deserve to see or hear. But-Free Will-[1 Corinthians 10:13, Genesis 3:2-13]. <sigh> yep. Without it, we would all be subject to all of God's demands, not able to chose. And all choices are not necessarily right or wrong. Sometimes, it is a matter of good or better. But I digress from my point---

What is my point? To remind all reading this that we must have faith to believe not only that God exists, but His holy texts are divinely inspired and transcribed by his devoted followers. Faith is strange, isn't it? So many things we can have faith in that we have not yet witnessed with our eyes. Faith our children will brush their teeth before bed when we ask them simply because they said that is what they were doing when we sent them into the bathroom after pajamas. Faith that our spouse will remember to stop by the grocery store on the way home for that one crucial ingredient to finish a lovely supper because they said they wouldn't forget. Faith that we will not be fired from our job any day we show up for some inexplicable reason. "Faith comes from what is heard, and what is heard comes through the message about God <the holy Word>" Romans 10:17 CSB

Did you catch that? We are urged to immerse ourselves in the Holy Bible as an act of self-education to protect ourselves from the temptation and lies of Satan. [Ephesians 6:10-18] Having faith, or rather 'saying' we have faith is easy. And we can mean it. But God reminds us that true faith in Him, the ability to hear His voice when we ask, seek and knock, is contingent on our FREE WILL to open His word and allow Him to speak to us through it.

I'll share with you my revelation this morning that prompted this entry: Yes, prayer is wonderful. Necessary and ordered, we are to hone this craft but it is a language. Do you remember trying to have a conversation with a 2 or 3 year old and how frustrated they will get if you try and communicate an idea that is outside their scope of vocabulary or maturity? Constant immersion in the Word is like our SSL class [Spirit Second Language] and will take some time to fully grasp the vocabulary and ideas. Furthermore, how can we talk to God if we don't speak His language? Yes, you read english (or spanish or german or french) and your bible is in that language, you talk to God in that language. But the Godly language of His divine word can only be understood by reading and THAT is what gives us the faith we need-the comprehension of the spiritual we can only receive if we are consistent and devout in our quest for the truth in the holy books.

So yes, keep praying, and if you cannot bear packing your heavy bible around with you, I invite you to download the You.Version bible app by going to or simply typing in You.Version into apple store or google play store.

I am able to read from several different translations and download the ones I use most. I can make comments on my highlighted texts, and insert notes others cannot see. I have my facebook and phone contacts all added as friends and I go to my app to cross-reference any apparent discrepancy from the translations by viewing a side-by-side of the original greek or hebrew or aramaic.

Add me and we can do a bible study together or you can ask me questions or share some of your revelations.

Be blessed, know you are adored and go get your promise!

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