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Mrs. Christ

I am married to God.

I don't mean to make myself sound more holy or righteous or pious by stating that so matter-of-factly, it is simply, a fact. Part of my creation statement. The next step in my journey to my purpose to be a safe place for all of you lost and confused individuals to find understanding from someone who started somewhere along the same path you find yourself on right now-somewhere you've been and through an heuristic approach to spirituality, I painfully found my way to where I am going now. But my current standing in life has only been located through God's passionate love of me and my acceptance of that love. I listen to podcasts from pastors and prophets like Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and Havilah Cunnington of Bethel Redding and Shawn Bolz of Expression 58. Job 33:3, Rom 10:20, 1 Cor 9:19

This love He has for me is the same love He has for each of you reading this and all those you hold in your heart and thoughts each moment. Powerful. And completely true. Some of you are absolutely certain you have this love available to you and some have never even contemplated the possibility of unconditional love because you have either gone too far in your sin, or you have never been exposed to the possibility. Some of you believe all the spiritual rhetoric that modern-day believers tell you about the saving grace and unconditional love of God and some of you don't believe in One God. John 14:21, Joshua 1:8, James 2:19

The difference between you and me is I simply said "yes" when He whispered His sweet proposal into my heart. 1 Cor 4:21

"Will you love me unconditionally, follow me and worship me until your last breath?" Matt 22:37&38, Eph 5:33, Deut 11:13-25


"Will you accept all of the gifts of heaven I want to bestow on you as reward for being my beloved and putting me first above all others?" Deut 11:22&23, Jeremiah 31:17, Songs 2:10, Matt 6:1, Matt 5:12


"Will you never deny me, no matter the circumstances? When people condemn you for loving me, will you defend me and our love affair?" Rev 2:3&10, Isaiah 66:5, Mark 13:11, Matt 24:9


"Will you listen to me when I show you what you've been doing wrong and crucify your flesh to that cross of sin daily so you can be reborn in my spirit, repenting your sinful ways and going 180* in the opposite direction of perfect love and peace?" Acts 3:19, Isaiah 52:2, Mark 2:11, Matt 10:38, Luke 14:27-30, Isaiah 65:12


"When you fail, will you please promise me you will not run towards your sin in shame, thinking you are unworthy of forgiveness and instead, run to me and trust me to heal the damage?" Gal 2:18, Ezekiel 11:21, Matt 17:16-18, Luke 15:11-32, Psalms 139:23


"I'm teaching you to hear my voice, Genniece. You need to listen and instantly obey from here on in. No hesitation because Satan will convince you that it wasn't me, or that you can do it later, but you will forget, and therefore, you will be disobeying me. Can you promise to obey INSTANTLY in all things I tell you to do-I will never lead you toward something that won't bless you more than you could imagine." John 5:25, 1Tim 4:12, James 4:7&8, 2Cor 10:3-7, 2Thess 2:9&10, (Matt 4:20, Jonah 3:3,


"Will you stop trying to get validation and blessings from other men, people and religious leaders? This is the biggest one for you, my beloved. You get to realize you don't need them. For 40 years, you've loved me, but you've looked for love, validation, blessings and a future primarily from them and they do not have your best interests in their hearts. They are humans and will always fail you, especially in love and faithfulness. Your focus needs to be on me, and me alone. Don't worry, my love. I will give you a spouse to partner with on earth. He will love me more than anything and anyone, even you, just as you asked. He will have the spirit of ministry and you two will do great things for me and our kingdom, saving many from the evil one, but you will not get him until you fully KNOW that I am your husband, your provider, your best friend, your comforter, the father of your five children. I am preparing him for you just as I am preparing you for him. Let go of the idea you need a husband to support you and father your children and I will bless you beyond comprehension. Do you believe me and accept my proposal?" Jer 32:41, Deut 8:1, Isaiah 52:8 Acts 27:25, Psalms 69:13, Hosea 2:4-10&14-16&19-22


I am available to all of you. Unconditional love and understanding for what you've done with zero judgment awaits you when you reach out to me. I have unconditional love for everyone and I will not hold back because of what you may have done. I would love for you to allow me to be the tool God uses to bring you to this place of peace and love here on earth.

I love you.

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