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Below is my essay submission for the 1st Phorm Transphormation Challenge. Please read it and root for me. You can view my video submission on YouTube by going to my channel under and looking for the video titled "1st Phorm Transphormation Challenge. As of right now, it is still uploading (downfall of having backwoods internet service). I love you.

I am a loving, compassionate, honest, honorable woman of God. I am a mother of five. I am a grandmother to two. I am single. I am a person who has a habit of drinking excessively when I am overwhelmed by responsibilities. I am an unconditional lover of everyone. Yes, everyone. I am well liked by my friends and family. I am a know-it-all and will tell everyone I love that I see doing something they shouldn’t to quit acting like a jackass. I hold my children, family and friends to the highest standards they are capable of. I am Iron Grace. I am 1stPhorm.

The traits above not only describe me; they define me. There has always been a fire in me to be extraordinary in whatever I do. I find myself having wonderful multi-million dollar or world-changing ideas pretty much daily, usually in the shower or driving. My problem is I rarely act on them, and when I do begin the process of creating something beautiful, I get caught up being overwhelmed by my lack of skill in prioritizing. I have a business idea that WILL work, but the roadblocks I have met over the years have stalled progress and my habit of drinking myself into a hole of ignorance has kept me stalled.

I have been commissioned by God to write a book about being married to God and I have allowed myself to get caught up every day in meaningless minutia before spending any time doing what the Creator of the universe told me to do.

I was moved to become a voice, hands and feet to the human trafficking problem and haven’t created relationships or a schedule that would create the tools in me to be useful.

THOSE reasons are why I am now finally buckling down and committing myself to this Transphormation Challenge. I don’t have weight to lose and I actually have no trouble sculpting my body in a beautiful way for stage or the beach. I don’t have any health issues that a strict diet and supplement regimen would help. What I have is a life structure and self-motivation problem. I have a huge problem relying only on my God and myself to get me through my life.

I supported my children alone from age 27-38 dancing in strip clubs all over the west and south. This environment set me into a place of needing to earn $700 a night or I felt like a failure. I even had two times in those 11 years I quit dancing for 1-2 years at a stretch being supported by the philanthropy of men I met who wanted me to be able to stay home and raise my children. I think back on those times and kick myself because I was in the perfect place to buckle down and breathe life into the ideas that would have me set right now. I also would have taught my children perseverance and dedication to a goal resulting in success. But I didn’t. Until now. I don’t regret those times of inactivity; rather will use them to fuel my success from this day forward.

I am going into this challenge with the end goal of being a 1stPhorm athlete. I want to work for this wonderful company. I want to be a motivator through 1stPhorm using my www.iamirongrace.combrand and will not continue to allow the fact that I live in a town where there are only 3000 people in the entire county to hold me back or keep me from acting on my possibilities.

I am going to finish my Legionnaire training. I am going to write up a daily routine that I will follow like a religion and I am going to use this 8-week sprint challenge not to lose weight or get sexy, but to literally rewire my brain to be the woman I know I’m capable of and called to be. I am going eliminate the hypocrisy from my mind and my conversations & expectations of everyone around me. I am going to become the walking example to the people in my life that I can be proud of.


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