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A 2 week kickstart meal plan for you has recently posted a new fabulous 2 week Menu for the Whole30 and I want to suggest that we all do this together as a community.

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Clean Eating is a long-honored way of dieting that isn't a fad and isn't difficult with proper planning. I will help you organize and prioritize so this will be the easiest 2 weeks of cooking you've ever done.

Cooking healthy should not be a punishment. We should all strive to make flavorful food that even our toddlers will eat. To assist with pickiness in any of your family members, I implore you to get them involved some way. Have your spouse do the shopping, have your younger children pull the ingredients and older children prep food. Have younger children sit on the counter nearby and explain what you are doing. If they see and are a part of the dinner process, they will be more apt to eat it. And there is nothing in this meal plan that should trigger any aversions. If there is, just eliminate it.

Have all kids smell the herbs and jars of spices before adding to give them a trigger in their brains of how the food will taste when it is done cooking. Ask their opinions on the scents and flavors of the different ingredients.

This is the link to the 2 week meal plan and shopping list from Clean Eating Magazine. I would suggest opening it on your phone and copying the lists to your notepad or taking a screenshot. It's not necessary to have a printer to get this done.

Keep yourself added to our Iron Sharpens Iron Facebook Group so you don't miss out on the ability to ask questions about Whole30 & Clean Eating Mag and share wins. We will also have a highlighted page member every week to encourage others in the group.

I will be posting links on Iron Sharpens Iron to the menu and shopping lists, as well as modifications any of you request.

DON'T let 'analysis paralysis' keep you from TRYING something new that will only benefit you in the long run. I'm here to help you, and I am ALWAYS available on the phone. (208) 954-0444

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