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Assisting, not fixing, in love.

At church last night, the speaker told a beautiful story of a man she met with her intern this week. The man was, by her telling, "easy to judge" and she felt saddened with herself for doing so. The man was obviously homeless, or trying really hard to make people think he was, he was clothed in dirty rags and reeked of cigarettes and other bad decisions.

Holy Spirit told her to go and ask the man about himself. She let her intern know that Holy Spirit wanted them to spend some time getting acquainted with this man so she introduced herself and began asking the man questions about who he is.

Without outing the man to the congregation, she told of an emotional dialogue whereby she learned he was put in prison some years ago and because of that, his children, ages "3ish and 4ish" were adopted out to a new family. She didn't reveal any more specifics, but her emotion for her heartbreak for the man, yet seeing the justice of Jesus in this person made her emotional. She spoke of how his past choices branded him for life and how that followed him into every job, educational opportunity, relationship, and housing situation. His life is literally mapped out for him, by our Western standards, in the limited dreams he can now dream and things he can do.

But he's not letting that stop him.

You see, this man is wrecked for Jesus. He walked with the fruit of the Holy Spirit. This man would reach people no other man would ever be able to break through to to converse with and love. This man would be a laborer for many to show God's love in a practical way, where these broken and written off are NOW. This man can share a story relatable to others to give them hope that God's love wants to find them here and now.

But that got me to thinking about MY purpose: to love people unconditionally with God's love He's put inside of me into a place where they can prosper and not be held under the lies of Satan.

These lies:

I will never be able to be more,

I an not smart enough to reach my childhood dreams,

the past is too heavy and shameful to get out of,

nobody will hire me,

I can't afford school,

I don't have transportation so I can't,

I don't have a place to live so I can't,

I can't,

they made me,

you make me feel this way,

if it weren't for ______, I would be in a much better place,

God forgot about me,

there is no God, if there were, there wouldn't be suffering,

look what happened to me as a child,

etc. etc. etc.

Going up to this man and asking him who he was is a brave and obedient first step for a laborer sent to "till up some ground". Hearing the story last night was necessary to mobilize me and convict me that I am not using my calling and gifts of love and conversation to the fullest for my brothers and sisters who deserve what I have to offer them.

I must go now. I must GO now. I must go NOW. I MUST go NOW.

It's time for the harvest, and these fields are yielding toxic waste. Other people have been planting, watering and fertilizing this family of mine with lies and doubt and shame for far too long and I'm PISSED about it!!!

Pentecost was joined and heard because people were drawn to the audible noise of change and they followed it. I imagine it beginning like a wave--quiet and far off, gaining sound, power and momentum as it reaches it's resting place.

Please join us in building up the broken and written off. Join us by clicking here and it will open in a new link to join our Facebook Group. We don't need you to be active right away, simply liking the page and joining conversations and prayers will begin to help.

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