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Well, Day 1 and I'm still not a millionaire.

So I'm pretty pleased with my first competition season. I still have 2 shows I want to do but finances notwithstanding, I realize that I just simply don't have the TIME to travel for out-of-town shows. 5 kids and a husband who owns his own company, myself being a business owner, nobody really "employed" per se--makes for a scattered existence when we want to leave town. I don't mind, but with the husband being a creature of habit and having to live in a hotel 2 days a week as it is. Well, that's a recipe for me having to do favors I simply am not prepared to cave to. So, my last 2 competitions of the year will be in June and very close to my home here.

In Missoula, MT for my first bikini competition ever, I got 3rd in Masters 35+ and 7th (didn't place) in Novice C. The following weekend in Salt Lake City, UT (see pic), after changing up my peak plan a bit, I got 5th in Novice C and 6th (didn't place) in Masters 35+.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when I clean it back up on the diet and start my a.m. cardio again. That's right, I said it-I'm looking forward to it. I know, when you're on a strict meal plan, it's easy to obsess over the donuts, the ice cream and the delicious crunchy chips and juicy fatty cheeseburgers smothered in bacon and pulled pork. But I digress. I love being alive during my day. Sucrose and hydrogenated fats always bring me down. I wish I knew why the effort they are the foods I crave when I literally ALWAYS feel like shit 20 minutes after eating them. Someone educate me. I hate it.

This is my first blog post because this is my first website. I am going to try and form an additional income stream for my family so we can quit stressing the little bills. It's ridiculous that my husband works so hard and in my prep brain days (last week) I thought he was being unfair requiring me to get and maintain a job.

This shrimp is starting to taste like hard snot.

I'm going to open up my training and life coaching skills to the entire world. I want to be able to give people my style of coaching as long as they speak english. That's why I think Skype and this app called Slack and Zoom are going to be beneficial to keeping a team or family feel to the groups going.

I'm waiting for my first round of pro-hormones to come in. I really can't wait to see what they do for me when I'm training heavy and eating exactly like I'm supposed to. No missing cardio, no missing training, no fucking up on meals. This journey will be fun to document. If only I could get swole af on these amazing cinnamon cake donuts from the shop around the bend and Anavar without getting a 4 inch clit and a fuller beard than I already have..... that would be awesome.

On a super fun note, one of my favorite podcasters, Scott McNally of Advices Radio Network and the Bodybuilding Nerds Podcast DM'd me and is sending me a tank top because I've been pimping out their shows!! If you haven't listened and you want a more honest working knowledge of all things bodybuilding and powerlifting, I recommend them all. Mind & Muscle Radio and Advices are my two favorites but BodybuildingNerdsRadio covers ALL podcasts and those two are hilarious to listen to. So my BBN & Advices tanks should both be here by next Friday. I can't wait to take some pictures in them at my gym, The Mecca, here in Idaho.

Shit, my back is fatigued. I love it.

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